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You may also purchase directly at How to make a documental model in blender? I have an object with some articulations like this: I need to turn all the faces in a single flat surface. Is there a way to do this in blender? A: Use the Knife Project tool: Select the vertices you want to turn to a face. Press 'P' and select "Knife Project" from the menu. Press 'Enter' to start the project. In the viewer's toolbar, you can rotate the model to "face down" to see the "wall", then flip the model to "face up". Press 'Alt' + 'N' (where N is a button with the knife on it) to finish the project. To make sure the knife was projected accurately, select the model in the viewport, and view the viewport properties. The Knife Projection should be checked. import numpy as np import gym import random from spintypes import * class MDP(Pd): def __init__(self, S, A, O, s_size, a_size, goal, obs_init, dt, action_spec, termination_threshold): self.s_size = s_size self.a_size = a_size self.goal = goal self.obs_init = obs_init self.terminal = terminal self.action_spec = action_spec self.observation = S self.action = A self.observation_space = np.matrix(np.copy(obs_init)) self.action_space = np.matrix(np.copy(action_spec)) self.termination_threshold = termination



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